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iTi tropicals & Quicornac SA are funding a research project with Rutgers university.

Research initiated on Cocoa Fruit Puree for the Food Industry

Mangosteen and Cocoa Fruit- The perfect blend!!!

Research initiated on Cocoa Fruit Puree for the Food Industry

Our company imports Tropical & Exotic fruit juice puree & concentrates from all over the world. We will be celebrating our 20th year anniversary on November 1st.

Rather than having a party to celebrate this, we want to do something meaningful in the countries where we purchase our products. We are contemplating several projects to serve the people and society of the countries of the origin of our products. Our aim is to contribute to sustainability.

One of the several projects that we will move forward with is to create a market for cocoa fruit. Almost all this fruit is going to waste now as only the cocoa bean is harvested. In Brazil there is some local consumption of cocoa fruit puree for juice consumption and in the USA one juice company recently introduced a fruit juice that includes cocoa fruit.

We set up a forum on www.cocoafruit.com and ask everyone with knowledge on this fruit to participate. The idea is to share this information with everyone and to create excitement, create demand and the end result is that the farmers in origin will eventually benefit from this.

Please feel free to post something on the web site as it is live right now. We look forward working with many of you on this project! We particularly would like to reach out to R&D Centers at large companies and universities to share any research that has been done on cocoa fruit for health properties such as anti-oxidants.

Gert van Manen- President